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Conrad & BradThought this might be of interest to both of you as on the Worm Expert discussion forum “” has been doing pretty much what both of you are looking at doing and is actually been successful to date. You might all wish to hook up there and I am sure Pat will assist both of you!Bruce

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There are some great musicians that reside out in Malaysia. The problem is not many people hear about them. Thanks to Youtube and the internet, people can now listen to them all over the world.Brian Garvin

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Also got 13d wrong. I managed to convince myself it was derails (made a mess of) but was too lazy to figure out the rest of the clue. For me this was perfect for an over lunch puzzle, so 4* enjoyment for me

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The Tim is true bypass, and it does really well. No noticeable tone loss. I’ve yet to try the Screwdriver, but I did have the Top Fuel for awhile, and Skreddy makes some great pedals. I’d love to know how they compare, too. I will say that the Tim will change your life. hehehe

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, the food options in Camberwell are miles better than East Dulwich, where I used to live . Not surprised that East Dul folk are making the trip over.Crooked Well is good. Reminds me of The Bear down the road but the dining area is much better, as was the service. I liked it. A tad expensive perhaps, but worth it.It's still half boozer but not really a cosy pub as such. The boozer half is now better than it was as Le Petit Parisien or The Dark Horse.

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