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Amazing just how wrong God was on this topic throughout the Bible including Romans 13:3-4 which seems to repeat the Genesis 9:5-6 injunction to both Jews and Gentiles regarding murder. Our Pope and you are so much more enlightened than God that I faint at times at our good fortune.

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Dear PaterikaHer website is awesome.Yes climbers have many near misses and I think these escapes from death harden us.Have a good day which I hope will finish with good news.Bob

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is not "intelectuals" as such that are to blame for this, but the alienation of the term "common sense". it doesn't mean anything anymore, "intelectualy" speaking.stupid people that become intelectuald and respected because they went to that and that school and got Nobel prizes, Orscars and all that. They become isolated from reality and they don't have the commons sense to realise that they are so..

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...obviously that is not what i was talking about.Oh got ya, so your vulgarity and not adding value to any discussion is ok but god forbid anyone engage in the same behaviour as you, then you are outraged. Oops, sorry didn't mean to offend you by mentioning god. So what offends someone else is ok as long as it fits your standards? Yes you are a leftard hypocrite. Allahu akbar and Salami Lickem.

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idea of micro-hotels might seem crazy, but it’s actually spreading. On April 15, the new Yotel Time Square will open in the famed tourist district and become the chain’s first micro-hotel in the

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